Learn to Snowboard as young as 2 years old!

In partnership with Burton Snowboards, Dodge Ridge is pleased to offer the Burton Learn to Ride program for kids designed to welcome new riders to the sport and encourage those already in the sport using terrain-based teaching methodology.

Programs Available

Learn to Ride (LTR)

LTR Programs are focused on manageable groups within an environment best suited for the task at hand … learning to ride. Whether that means first turns or getting an extra rotation in the mix, they break it down one step at a time, and focus on individual learning styles for the best personalized experience.


LTR Programs feature equipment designed to flex a little easier, slide a little smoother and generally give you the best chance of linking turns in as soon as possible. The kid’s product is specifically designed with the little ones in mind – with catch-free edges, Velcro boots for ease, and bindings a small mitt-covered hand can manage. Throw a Riglet towing accessory on the smallest boards, and no child is left behind.