Approved ADA On-Mountain Devices

Skiing and snowboarding are adaptive sports. All skiers and riders use skis or snowboards with bindings and poles for balance. All skiers and riders use this adaptive equipment to negotiate from the top of the ski hill to the bottom.

Skiers with disabilities may require specialized adaptive equipment, such as mono-skis, bi-skis, outriggers, and sit-skis.   A person who is blind or low vision, may need a personal assistant as part of his or her “equipment”.

Devices allowed at Dodge Ridge are: sit-skis, mono-skis, and bi-skis, three-track, or four-track; equipment which has been specifically designed and manufactured primarily for use by individuals with disabilities.

Devices not allowed at Dodge Ridge, due to safety and risk management concerns are: Ski bikes, snow bikes, skibobs, snow decks, sleds, devices without metal edges, devices without braking mechanisms, devices without bindings and tether, devices that interferes with lift design.

Personal Assistants

Adaptive skiers may need to use a guide, personal assistant, or interpreter to ski safely, negotiate the lifts, or meet other conditions of “Your Responsibility Code.”

Some adaptive skiers require a guide for a blind/low vision skier or a sign language interpreter for a deaf skier.   Guides for adaptive skiers who are blind or deaf, or need assistance on and off the chairlift, will receive a complimentary guide ticket while guiding an adaptive skier or rider.


Adaptive Daily Lift Tickets

Dodge Ridge offers discounted lift tickets to guests with disabilities.

Complimentary guide tickets are available for adaptive skiers + riders and their designated guide (1 guide ticket per participant) on the mountain.

Adaptive Participant Ticket: $55

Adaptive Guide Ticket: Complimentary

Discounted adaptive lift tickets and complimentary guide tickets are available with proof of disability.

Rental of Standardized Adaptive Equipment

Dodge Ridge will assist with rental of standardized adaptive equipment.  Please provide us with a 7 – 14-day notice of your intent to rent adaptive equipment.  Standardized adaptive equipment would include such things as outriggers, ski tip stabilizers, and blind bibs.

Skiing Unlimited offered by Society for disABILITIES

Skiing Unlimited is a ski program for disabled children and adults. This program provides access to the sport of snow skiing for many blind, deaf, paraplegic, quadriplegic and developmentally disabled individuals who would otherwise be denied the opportunity to share in these exhilarating activities. Click Here to find out how to become a participant, volunteer or donate. Please call (209) 524-3536 or email [email protected].