2018/19 All-Mountain Team Information

The All Mountain Team is for advanced skiers (level 5 and above), ages 7 – 13

$699 (limited space available) – Please Call (209) 965-3474


Welcome to the Dodge Ridge Ski Area All Mountain Team. A very exciting and challenging ski season lies ahead for all of us.

My name is Jim Phillips and I am excited to be working with you all as your coach. In the past, I have led groups of athletes in multiple sports including skiing, skateboarding, BMX riding and GoKart racing with many of my athletes accomplishing National and World recognition.

My experience as a professional skateboarder, nationally ranked BMX rider, Professional Freestyle Skier, alpine climber, surfer and rock climber has led me to a unique perspective of what it means to ski the terrain of a mountain. Accomplished all mountain skiers understand that their skiing changes based upon the terrain and conditions and can seamlessly connect these into a flow.

Through cooperative coaching methods, I will work with each of you individually to build a set of tools for skiing different terrain and conditions while being positive ambassadors of Dodge Ridge.



The objectives of this program are to build athletes that are passionate about the mountains, are positive ambassadors of Dodge Ridge and are developing a life-long love of snowsports. This will be accomplished through Cooperative Coaching, terrain-based learning, safety (demonstrating Skier’s Responsibility Code), and fun.

The team will explore a variety of terrain including off-piste and ungroomed conditions. Members will grow and learn by supporting each other, cooperating on team drills, and Identifying how to make strategic decisions on the hill to become more successful skiers. Their knowledge and respect for the mountain makes each team member an ambassador of Dodge Ridge, so while they are learning the mountain, the team will learn and demonstrate the Skier’s Responsibility Code.