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What a fantastic ski area! All employees so incredibly nice and helpful. Our first time here! My parents had a ski date here in the 1950’s! We will return!!!

– Paula C.  Livermore, CA

Rod T. is the BEST instructor EVER! He skied with my daughter for 3 years but we recently had him with me and my husband . . . no wonder my kid is our family’s best skier! Don’t lose him!!!

– Guest Comment

Lift operators top and bottom of chairs #1 & #6 were awesome today helping MLAJA students.

– Thanks, Bob C.

Bradley Jasper at the rope tow is awesome and very nice.

– Guest Comment

Jen H. is one reason we will come back to Dodge Ridge ski resort again. We were late for our all day Kids Club lessons. Jen took extra effort to welcome us, arranged for an instructor to take them after lunchtime, gave all the information we needed and personal attention until the children were out on the snow. The ski rental staff and Lisa at the lost and found also helped us. All in all it was a super great experience.

– Guest Comment

Great family skiing been coming here since I was 12.

– Patrick O.

Fun trails for snowshoeing! We hiked a big loop starting from the Nordic Trail near the chairlifts.

– Dean H.

I grew up going to dodge ridge. I enjoy it a couple times a year, and it’s perfect/ affordable for my family.

– Jennifer H.

Amazing place. Not crowded, everyone was nice! Absolutely loved it.

– Cyndi C.

To begin with, the employees here are great. Super friendly and helpful. Mark in rentals spent time orienting us to the mountain and trails as this was our first trip here. The lift operators were also friendly – all with smiles on their faces. It seems that everyone enjoys working here. We spent the day on the intermediate trails and had the good fortune of skiing during the storm. Lots of great trails to choose from – kept us busy all day but still didn’t hit them all so we’ll be back next week! Definitely an “old school” style that we are attracted to – not flashy – just a place for ski lovers who are there to have fun! So glad we found this place (we are new to California).

– Stacia C.

Can’t wait to go tomorrow and pick up my season pass.

– Bridget C.

Grew up skiing and working at this resort. A bunch of really great people working hard to ensure maximum guest satisfaction and a pretty fun place to spend a day on the hill. It’s not world class, but it’s a great option for those who don’t want to travel too far for a fun day on the mountain.

– Jeff H.

Love it up there, I live close, and they have very friendly people working there.

– Cody H.

Love this place. It is so family friendly, small enough to feel safe to let your kids enjoy some freedom.

– Ruthie W.

“Good place for learners”

Compared to Lake Tahoe, I liked this place more because it is very friendly for learners. It has good cafeteria with variety of choices. Take a Ski lesson and keep practicing in slopes without a lot of crowd. If there is anyone not doing any snow sports they can just sit inside warm area of cafe, enjoy views and play with snow without need for purchasing tickets.                                                                                                                                                                                              Read Full Trip Advisor Review

– Satya Vummidi, Mountain View (Trip Advisor)

“Tips to save money and time !”

A hidden gem. Have been in the Bay Area for almost 20 years and have never heard of this area. Found it, like many people, by a google search for “nearest ski to san francisco.” Dodge is a quick zip from the Peninsula, 2.5-3 hours PLUS a ski bus service taking you from the no-snow town of Sonora to Dodge for $10 (reservations required)! They’ve made this about as good and easy as it can get! . . . cont.                                                                                                                  Read Full Trip Advisor Review

– suraimcfly, Palo Alto (Trip Advisor)

Employees working chair 7 today are awesome! Everyone is happy and smiley and having a great time!

– Mike C.

This resort is great for families. The ski school was excellent, my six year old was skiing a green run by the end of the three days (total newbie). The people were SO NICE!! I did not feel at all uncomfortable being an anxiety ball. I had private lessons with Brian H. and he was great, very patient and fun to work with. . . cont…                                                        Read Full Yelp Review

– Amy M. (Yelp Reviewer)

Groomers are doing a great job!

– Guest Comment

We really love taking our kids to Dodge Ridge. Overall very family friendly and accessible. There is plenty for the beginner and good lesson program for the kids. There is also a good amount of intermediate to more challenging once you have the kids taken care of. We don’t get a lot of time to go skiing these days so we really enjoy the easy drive to Dodge Ridge (MUCH easier than Tahoe) and low key atmosphere. Check it out!

– Kristin M. (Yelp Reviewer)

This was our first time at Dodge Ridge and we were in for a surprise. We had a really fabulous time skiing, our kids made a lot of progress and enjoyed it at the same time. Unlike Tahoe, this was not overwhelming and not crowded at all. The process was very efficient and streamlined. My family had a very positive experience with the kids program as well. We will be back soon 🙂 Amazing staff!!

-Save Family

Just wanted to feedback that Bradley at the rope tow at Dodge Ridge is a treasure!!! He is like everyone’s Grandpa, he is so good with all the kids and adults alike. He slows the rope and helps everyone understand how to position to ride the tow rope.

– Guest Comment

I took a group lesson, and the instructor cleared all my doubts, and at the end of the day, I was making very smooth left and right turns at my will. Instructor Chuck S. a very patient guy, with the ability to explain things in immense detail, that would clear all doubts, and let you enjoy skiing. A very encouraging person too.The resort was very less crowded, and lifts were easily available.

-Sitanshu G. (Yelp Reviewer)

“My home mountain”

I’ve been skiing at Dodge since I was a kid in high school. I loved it back then and love it even more now. Dodge Ridge isn’t a huge resort, but it have improved and there’s a lot more terrain now than when I was in high school. The prices are reasonable compared to what you’d get in many of the big Tahoe resorts and the people here at Dodge are great. My son started skiing during those bad snow years, but now that we’ve had a good season thus far – he’s now able to go all over the mountain with me thanks to the ski school and to their instructors. We hope to be back year after year and are proud to call Dodge Ridge our home mountain.                                                                                                                           Read Full Trip Advisor Review

– Kieth T., Merced (Trip Advisor)

“Bay Area’s best kept secret-ski resort only 2 hour 45 min away”

Depending on where you live in the bay area, I am sure this is the closest place to get some snow and skiing. It’s a great little ski place and perhaps the best for kids to learn and get their first experience with skiing. . . cont.              Read Full Trip Advisor Review

– mahot123, San Jose (Trip Advisor)

This place is great for learning skiing .As a beginner skier, I got the progressive pass. It is worth it. The instructors here are very friendly.They work with you individually and make sure you get the techniques right. It has many green and blue slopes.

– Lavanya R. (Yelp Reviewer)

What a great visit. My kids had never boarded & we initially chose DR because of their proximity – close to the Central Valley.  What a pleasant surprise DR turned out to be. . .cont.                                                                         Read Full Yelp Review

-C.G. (Yelp Reviewer)

Skied last week for my 63rd continuous year at Dodge Ridge, great day but lost my keys somewhere along the line. Jeff H. was magnificent in helping me find my keys. He just went above and beyond in searching and delivering the keys. Nice young fella who you can be proud of.

– Bob

“Classic Ski Resort – Down to Earth”

We spent the day skiing here yesterday (during a nice little storm that brought 9 more inches to the slopes!). It was our first time skiing in the West (we are New Englanders recently transplanted to California). We read the reviews, and hoped for the best as it was a bit of a trek out there from the Monterey area for just a day trip. We were not disappointed. . . cont.                                                                                                                                                                                       Read Full Trip Advisor Review

-Luckyenough, Maine (Trip Advisor)

“Best Ski & Snowboarding value”

Great place for to take lessons. Skiing is limited to 5 or so lifts but plenty of runs. Don’t have to fight the Tahoe traffic and just several hours away from SF Bay Area. Well maintained resort. Cost a fraction of Tahoe skiing and so much closer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Read Full Trip Advisor Review

-Mimi E. (Trip Advisor)

“Great Ski resort”

It was much less crowded than the crowded Lake Tahoe resorts.Our kids took semi-private lessons for two days and they were much more personalized and by the end of the lessons they were skiing down the slopes.                            Read Full Trip Advisor Review

– mhparekh, San Jose (Trip Advisor)

Today is our second visit to Dodge Ridge. Our family first visited last year between Christmas and New Year. We chose Dodge Ridge because of the excellent kids programs. Last trip we had our kids take the all-day Kids Club lesson and Kinder all-day. The instructors are top notch, the attitude and patience with the kids is great. I am an intermediate skier myself and I was impressed with what I witnessed of the instructors on the slopes and also the crew at the lifts. All friendly and helpful. The staff at the check-in for the lessons were efficient and friendly.

– Walter

Instructor Suzanne M. – Thank you so much! Our son really felt comfortable with you and said you did a good job working him hard.

– Monique & Chad

Working with you was such a pleasure during our “adventurous” field trip yesterday! Thank you once again for your kindness and organization!

-Mrs. Uyeyama CVCA

My hidden gem. No lines cheap tix and long runs! Wish the chairs were a little faster but for 58 bucks for me and 16 for my kids I don’t mind.

-Isaac C.

Snowboarding was awesome. But I was more impressed with an employee and his attention to 3 kids (not my family rather complete strangers to me). He was having lunch in the middle of all day lessons with the 3 kids. He was attentive and genuinely engaging them. The kids were happy, engaged, and seemed stoked about snowboarding! I loved seeing that and knowing that a stranger would take care of my kids this way I would be happy. The instructor name was Sean A. Great job to Dodge Ridge for hiring this young man and great job to this young man on his great work ethic and character!!

-Alfredo R.

Had another amazing day on the mountain! Staff was so friendly and helpful. Love that my backyard playground includes Dodge Ridge.

-Judy A.

We are fairly new to the area and I know their employees are working hard to make guests welcome and happy. Thanks for opening early and making this holiday season a good one! We only had a minor hiccup, not related to the resort. Happy new year and still doing the snow dance to get more!

-Eva P.

Great smaller family mountain – people are friendly, and if you are an average skier, it’s a good deal! Can’t wait to go back the rest of this season.

-Gayathri K. (Yelp Reviewer)

Great for many reasons. It is close by and a pretty drive. The most difficult part of the drive is the 3 mile access road but the park service does a good job keeping it clean. It has plenty of parking. It isn’t super crowded like Tahoe. The place isn’t too big and is great for families and skiers that are there to enjoy nice skiing or snowboarding without feeling overwhelmed with a lot of choices and connector lifts . . . cont.                                                                                                  Read Full Yelp Review

-Susan K. (Yelp Reviewer)

I originally found this place through a Google search of “closest ski resorts to San Francisco”. Dodge Ridge is actually quite a bit closer to the Bay Area than Lake Tahoe. You can make the drive up here from San Francisco in under 3 hours if the traffic conditions are good, perfect for a day trip. . . cont.
Read Full Yelp Review

-Richie Z. (Yelp Reviewer)

My nephew is five years old and his mom put him into The group classes to learn how to snowboard. They are very great with the kids in the very patient he learn how to snowboard pretty well after two days. We are very excited to come back and I’ll snowboard together as a family!  If you guys want to get private lessons make sure to call way ahead of time because they book up really fast!

-Amanda F. (Yelp Reviewer)

A week ago today my family and I went to enjoy a day of snowboarding. We signed my daughter and step-son up for children’s lessons. My daughter is seven and son is five. Their instructor was Rian, she was incredible. This was the first time either of the kids attempted something like this and from the first part of the day to the end they were totally different kids.  I know I’m probably biased, but they looked like the best kids out there. She was so good with them and they absolutely loved her. It’s been a week and they still talk about her and consider her a friend. I’ve been yelled at twice for not living in the snow so they can snowboard every day. I’d like to give her a special thank you. She is terrific at what she does. She had patience and motivation and most importantly she befriended them.

-Debra, Bethany, and Clayton

Just got home after 3 days of skiing and want to thank your grooming crew for a fantastic job!! I was expecting poor conditions with the lack of snow but was so impressed with your area we even skied an extra day!! Putting snow on the runs leading down from chairs 5 and 7 to the lodge was most impressive too. It was my first days this season on my first season pass at Dodge in over 30 years. Great work!!

-Dell Redding

Here’s to the Dodge Ridge staff…Hurray!
I came up last Wednesday and Thursday and then again on Sunday and Monday.
I gotta tell you that even though mother nature has not been generous with providing
much snow at Dodge Ridge, your staff there has done a marvelous job with what you
The grooming crew did a remarkable job in making the mountain skiable. They deserve
a lot of credit. And so do the engineers who got chair 5 working again in not time.

So thanks again and hopefully the Dodge Ridge 2014 season can continue on for awhile.

-Stephen Pavlik
Season Pass Holder

Please give our sincere thanks to Gay, my daughter Emily’s ski lessons teacher today.
Gay was very gentle and kind to my Emily. This is my daughter’s first ski lessons, and she
loved it. Thanks so much for Gay’s patience with her.

God Bless you all at Dodge Ridge.
-The Felton’s

“My friend and I spent several days at Dodge Ridge, enjoying the well groomed slopes, the
beautiful weather and the pleasant atmosphere of your cafeteria. Originally from Austria, I have
skied in resorts there, as well as in resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland. Here in the States I
can only compare Dodge Ridge with the Sun Valley Resort, and the Idaho place comes out short
in every aspect, except for lodging and the Jacuzzi pool.

Due to the three-day weekend, the resort was extremely busy. A helpful parking lot attendant showed us where to unload and where to park. When we proceeded to purchase our day-passes, Jason Reed greeted us in a friendly manner. Contrary to our expectations there were no lines at the ticket counter, since several cashiers were operating. We did not have to wait for the boots, but were immediately taken care of by a red haired, friendly young man. The expected bottle-neck did not happen at the ski rental either. The whole operation was run very professionally with smiling employees everywhere!

We had a great day of skiing and ended the day with pizza and beer on your sunny patio.
Although all the tables outside as well as indoors were occupied, we shared a table with some
other guests, observing the busboys cleaning up after some customers who didn’t. Again we
experienced friendly, helpful staff in the kitchen, check-out, and bar, supervised by Sam, who
seemed to be everywhere.

When we were leaving, the young redhead who helped us in the morning inquired if we had a
great day and thanked us for coming. It was not a rehearsed greeting offered to everyone as
might be expected in a luxury restaurant, but a spontaneous, friendly one. On our way back to
the parking lot, the attendant was again helpful and smiling

We were extremely impressed by your resort and would like to thank you for, that great

-Horst Mieth

Hi, I would like to tell the Helms that we have had such a good experience every time we have gone up the hill to ski. I would really like them to know we have had such great service at their shop. Casey McCaffery and Bobby Mackey have been exceptionally helpful. Casey, especially has gone the extra bit to make sure we were happy and satisfied. My family has had great times at Dodge this year, and that is because every employee from the staff in the cafeteria to every lift operator has been friendly and professional. Good job too all and come on snow!

-The Stark family

I am a seasoned SEASON PASS HOLDER and I just want to say you guys are ALL doing a
great job considering our minimal snow depth. The grooming and patch repairs have been awesome.
I have skied the last 6 days out of 7 and actually feel the snow quality has been very good.

As a long-time season pass holder, I’d first like to thank you for such a wonderful year. Dodge Ridge truly is a family-friendly resort. However, the real reason I’m writing you is to commend Dodge Ridge for excellence in the recruitment and training of its lift operations staff. Their professional and friendly service makes a great skiing experience just that much better. I’d especially like to recognize the efforts of following individuals: Jimmie: Chair 5, Nick: Chair 7 (mostly), Bruce & Stephen: Chair 8. But, the Gold Star has to go to Spencer – the lead at Chair 7. He did an outstanding job and was always quick to greet you with a smile. Given the continuous big dumps we received this year, I frequently saw Spencer working his tail off to keep things safe, moving and running smoothly. He’s a very hard worker and always maintains a great attitude.

What a great ski season we had this year! I can’t wait till next year. I want to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful year. You truly made dreams come true for many children and adults with disabilities.

-Marci Boucher, Executive Director / Society for Handicapped Children and Adults

Thank you so much for your continued support and sponsorship of the Society for the Handicapped Children and Adults Winter Skiing Unlimited program. You staff was professional, helpful, and kind to our Ski-A-Thon participants and the SHCA staff and volunteers. This year’s fundraiser was a huge success! We are so appreciative of our partnership with Dodge Ridge in these programs, please enjoy the enclosed group photo for your plaque.

Best Regards, Brenna.

Just want to thank you for a great time! I’ve not skied in 7 years and was a bit nervous getting back into ski boots. Your staff was wonderful. They suggested that I take a lesson. James was my ski instructor. The class that I took was Jan. 30th at 12:30. He was very patient and knowledgeable. Having taken many ski classes in my life, I could tell immediately that he is one of the “good ones.” What I appreciate the most was his perception that I didn’t need the full blown beginner lessons and asked Cherie to take me aside to give me more individual instructions. Cherie is a hoot. She brings such loving energy to the slopes. I was so impressed by her patience and positive attitude. She worked hard to assist skiiers with a wide range of abilities. I really appreciate the time and energy she spent with me, pointing out my deficiencies. Most of all, I really loved the way she was able to build up my confidence. With her by my side, I realize that skiing is a bit like riding a bike. One doesn’t forget.We really enjoyed ourselves. Dodge Ridge is the perfect ski destination for families such as ours, with little children. I want to return again this year and am currently asking friends to join our family in the fun.

P.S. Love, love, love dropping off the kids for ski lessons and knowing that they are well looked after. Love the equipment looking practically brand new.

Thanks from the Whitehurst Family for another great season – over too soon. Over the past eight seasons my wife and I and our three sons have made Dodge our winter home, returning to the valley during the week to take care of annoying details such as work and school – things that get in the way of real important stuff like powder days.

Your season pass program has made it possible for us to unite as a family around a common passion and not break the bank in the process. My wife Jeana and I wanted to thank you.

Your family resort approach is a success. We are comfortable allowing our three sub – to teenage sons to roam the whole mountain, and we know that if they screw up, Sam or Mel or Walt or Mark or Sarah or someone else who recognizes them from your staff will set them straight – and let us know.

The tree skiing really improved this last season – or maybe it had to do with the conditions. I hope to discover more of that in coming years.

I started skiing in 1967 at Dodge. I am truly amazed at how your delightful resort has grown and developed over the years into a serious skier’s resort. Anyone who belittles the sliding at Dodge hasn’t hit the Sonora Glades on a powder day, or Granite Bowl with good spring snow – like it was on closing day.

Best regards to you and your staff,
Al and Jeana Whitehurst and Adam, Evan and Matt

Past comments from guests:

“I took my three and a half year old daughter, Barb, up to Dodge Ridge on Saturday for her first time skiing. What a fantastic day we had! After two times up the rope tow with her between my legs it was evident that I wasn’t going to be able to teach her all by myself all day. I enquired about lessons to one your instuctors who was standing outside and he made it happen, happily and immediately. Loved that “can do” attitude! Within fifteen minutes, my daughter met her instructor, Brent Corson, a very sweet man and incredibly wonderful teacher. Barb had the time of her life and learned how to ski in two hours. After lunch Barb and I took six runs on Chair #6. As someone with a Masters in Education with twenty years experience teaching/flight instructing, I can tell you that Brent really knows how to teach and how to relate to his students. I will recommend him to my friends for sure. Everyone we met and ran into at the area were wonderful to us, from the ticket counter staff, the instructors, the lift operators (Barb loved Rhonda at Chair #6), the food service people, to the young man cleaning tables in the Bistro. They all seemed so happy. I also appreciated how clean the area was, especially the bathrooms and restaurant. You not only talk the talk about being family friendly, you walk the walk! The service you provide combined with the price and atmosphere are unmatched. We’ll be back, most likely sometime this week! Only wish winter would last a little longer!”

“I wanted to say thanks for a great time this weekend. My two daughters competed in the Family Winter Carnival and had a great time. We have been pass holders for several years and this is exactly the reason why we will continue to be pass holders. Family events that include both the parents and kids are what Dodge Ridge is all about. The fact that you gave away medals and ribbons for the winners and participates was icing on the cake. Also, I have to hand it to Corby and Emily along with the rest of the Dodge Ridge staff that ran the event. Great Job!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for all the time and effort that you and your fantastic crew put into the carnival. My wife and kids had an excellent time. My kids were still talking about the races and the “big” air they grabbed on Saturday, this morning before school. Another cool thing that happened was the first run down a race course for my wife, she loved it. We really appreciate all that you guys do for the mountain.”

“I thought I would send a you a quick note since my husband and I have been skiing at this resort for the past 30 years. The new Family Lodge is very, very nice. The employees this year are wonderful as in past years. You are doing a great job.”

“Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the WebCam. Thanks!”

“Congratulations on the grand opening of the new Family Lodge. You have created a great new space for all of us to enjoy, especially the kids. All of your hard work to get the lodge opened so soon is greatly appreciated.”

“I brought my son Zachary who is eleven years old to Dodge yesterday for the first time in two years. Zachary was very excited to get to Dodge yesterday and was out of the car and on a lift as fast as he could go. Zachary accidentlly got on chair 3 thinking he was getting on chair 2. Zac got stuck in deep powder three times, felt at times like he was lost and by the time he showed up in the lodge after just one run he was defeated and wanted to go home. I finally convinced Zac to take a private lesson before he gave up. At 11:30 I handed Zachary off to a young instructor named Samuel for a two hour private lessage. At the time I wasn’t sure that Zachary would stay for the whole two hours. I went to pick Zac up two hours later and he was brimming with confidence. Samuel had reinforced the things Zac already knew, taught him how to carve, showed him how to avoid getting stuck in the powder and the very last thing they did together in my son’s words was, “We conquered Chair 3.” For the first time ever Zachary continued to board until the lifts closed and he was forced off the mountain. Samuel restored confidence in a little boy! Samuel also did something for me by teaching him soemthing that I know nothing about. To sum things up, Samuel made a little boy very happy and a father very proud. Thank you for employing such fine young people like Samuel.”

“I’m with the Society of the Handicapped working with sit skis and wanted you to know that every time we have been up your lift operators have always been so helpful. They even go the extra mile at the bottom of #3 and #7. Thanks!”

“Just wanted to pass along what a nice time we had at your resort on Friday the 15th. Too many times you only hear of the bad things that happened or the complaints. Well, I must say, from the time we walked into the main lodge to the time we left, we were treated so nicely by everyone we came into contact who worked there. From the gal at the front line in the lodge, the ski rental folks, to the workers on the slopes, to Group Sales, to the instructors who worked with my son on snowboarding and skiing. My 14 year old son, who had never been on either, took a ski lesson in the afternoon. In two hours of one-on-one instruction, he came down the hill of Chair #6 without falling. His self-esteem and confidence was sky high unlike I had ever seen before. All I can say is his instructor was “cool” and did an awesome job of connecting with him. I know I am leaving some people out, but please know that every time we came across a Dodge Ridge employee, they all smiled and asked if we needed help or could they help. Awesome customer service that you just don’t find anymore.”

“Thank you for two wonderful ski dates at Dodge Ridge. Sierra View Christian School had the best time on the slopes. The children all improved in their skiing abilities, thanks to your wonderful classes. Thank you for answering all my questions and superior service. We look forward to more field trips next year. Thank you to everyone who had a part in our fabulous ski days at Dodge Ridge.”