Seven Decades of Skiing + Riding

Entering its 72nd season, core family values remain the foundation of Dodge Ridge - a ski resort loved by families for generations of skiing and riding.

Dodge Ridge was founded on the ideals of family. Envisioned by a man with a dream to provide a better life for his family, Dodge Ridge was brought to life in 1950. Beginning with a sketch on the inside of a matchbook, Dodge Ridge has become an established ski resort known and loved by many throughout the years.

Founded by the Purdy family in 1950, and owned by the Helm family since 1976, Dodge Ridge is entering its first season under new ownership. The new owners, Invision Capital and Karl Kapusciniski look forward to preserving the guest-focused environment that Dodge Ridge has adopted throughout decades of family ownership. Not only continuing to provide a family-friendly atmosphere at the ski resort, the new owners are carrying on the Helm’s dedication to continual growth and innovation. 


The beloved ski resort as it stands today is a direct result of the effort and dedication from the Helm family throughout more than four decades of ownership. Some of the most impressive expansions to the resort include the installment of Chairlift 7 in 1985, and Chairlift 8 in 1998. Installing Chairlift 8 opened the backside of the mountain, tripling the skiable acreage on the mountain to skiers and riders. In 2007, the Helms made a 6 million dollar expansion at the base, including the 16,000 square foot Family Lodge; the new home for the expanded Children’s Snowsports Center, Guest Services Center, and the North Fork Bistro. The installation of the Doppelmayar T-Bar T643 in 2011 has provided access to the second summit on the backside of the mountain, and doubled the length of The Shots

In the spirit of constant evolution, Dodge Ridge is testing light snowmaking at the base this season. Beginning this season, the resort now offers tubing and sledding in addition to skiing and snowboarding, providing a variety of inclusive snowsports for guests. 


With its modernization and innovation, Dodge Ridge remains a mountain resort with a flourishing sense of community that preserves the vision of its owners throughout the years. As a place where folks come to revel in the natural alpine beauty and gaze upon breathtaking views, Dodge Ridge is truly a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to spend time here. At Dodge Ridge, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to our guests and the best experience possible on the slopes. As we enter yet another incredible season, we encourage you to come and experience the mountain with us, and discover for yourself all that Dodge Ridge has to offer.