$25 Preseason Tune Up Special at Dodge Ridge

Tips On Tune-Ups From The Pros

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When was the last time you had your skis or snowboard tuned?  If the answer is “I can’t remember” then it’s time to get your equipment in for a tune.  A general industry rule: If you’ve ridden five times on your boards it’s time for a tune up and for a limited time you can save 50% off a full tune up at the Dodge Ridge Sport Shop.

The Dodge Ridge Tech Staff provide quality custom tune ups for skiers and riders of all levels.  A full tune up includes a belt and stone grind structuring, which helps skis and boards glide smoothly by breaking up suction caused by water between your base and the snow. Edges are sharpened to help you better carve precision turns and minor repairs are made to the running surface. Finally, a hot wax is hand applied to the bases to help protect your gear and give you the smoothest ride possible. The half-off full tune special is great time to your gear ready for to go for opening day with a quality tune up the Dodge Ridge Tech Staff.

If you’re more of the DIY-type then the Dodge Ridge Sport Shop has all the supplies you need to tune your skis or board at home.  With a complete line of Toko waxes and tuning products they have everything that you need to re-stock your home tuning station or build one from scratch. Temperature specific waxes, universal waxes, files, wax irons, vises and more are all available in the Dodge Ridge Sport Shop 7 days a week.

And, while ski and snowboard tuning is a skill that takes some time to learn there are many great sources for info on how to do it right. For example, beginners and experts alike can always learn something new from a master ski tuner like Toko serviceman, Willi Wiltz. A legendary race ski tuner, who helped propel Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves to multiple World Cup victories, Wiltz explains the secrets of ski tuning in these informative videos:
Toko Serviceman Willi Wiltz Presents Ski Waxing for Racing
Toko Serviceman Willi Wiltz Presents Side Edge Angling
Toko Serviceman Willi Wiltz Presents Base Edge Beveling

So, it’s up to you…Bring in your skis or board for 50% off a top-notch tune up by the Dodge Ridge Tech Staff or do it yourself with pro-quality supplies from Toko. Either way, having your equipment properly tuned can make all the difference out on the snow.