STAR Performers

Great Winters Require Great People!

STAR Performers are employees that exemplify our company values and who’s work performance consistently shines. They score high on professionalism, positivity, dependability, initiative, and job knowledge. Special incentives are rewarded to STARs who return for the following season. Our goal is for all our employees to earn STAR status and we achieve this by encouraging a workplace of open communication, providing continual training, and regular performance feedback to help you get there.

More information about the upcoming season and open positions to come after Labor day weekend!

Application Process

Step 1:

View all available positions & apply online

Take a look below at the complete list of all 2020/21 positions we're currently hiring for. Click on any of the positions listed to apply online.

  • We ask that you limit your application to your top 3 desired positions and indicate the order on your application.
  • Make sure to include updated, complete employment history, including Dodge Ridge if applicable, and contact information.
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Step 2

If required for your specific position application, download and submit the Driving Record Authorization Form below.

Driving Record Authorization Form - Positions that require a valid driver's license

Send completed forms to

Mail - Dodge Ridge attn: Human Resources, PO Box 1188, Pinecrest, CA 95364
Fax - (209) 965-4437
Email - [email protected]

Additional Questions

Mail - Dodge Ridge attn: Human Resources, PO Box 1188, Pinecrest, CA 95364
Fax - (209) 965-4437
Email[email protected]

AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT The status of each Dodge Ridge employee is that of an at-will employee. As such, employment and compensation can be terminated with or without cause, reason or notice, at any time, at the option of either Dodge Ridge or the employee.