Everything you need to know!

Introducing newcomers to Skiing + Riding.

First Time to the Mountain:
  1. Wake up and get excited! Skiing and snowboarding is about to change your life!
  2. Fuel up before hitting the slopes! Fluids and a bite to eat will keep your energy levels up.
  3. Stretch your body and mind. Loosen up, we’re going to have a good time and you’ll be working out.
  4. Water is important throughout the day, you might not be sweating but cold weather dehydrates us quickly.
Gearing Up:
  1. Call our snowphone (209) 536-5300 to listen to the weather (or check online here). 20 degrees is a different outfit than 50 degrees.
  2. Organize your clothes and gear the night before – we don’t want you forgetting your new snow pants!
  3. Proper layering starts with good thermals that keep you warm and wick away moisture. Avoid cotton, if possible.
  4. Take care of your feet, they are an important tool. Only one pair of socks is necessary and avoiding cotton is key.
  5. Water and wind proof jackets and pants are the smartest to staying dry.
  6. Helmets are just as warm as a hat and keeps your head dry – not to mention protected.
First Time Renting Equipment:
  1. Be early. It takes time to fit the right equipment for each person.
  2. Measure your height, weight and shoe size. We’re not judging and it will get you on the right gear!
First Lesson:
  1. Give your self time. Walking in the snow with skis and snowboards in your hands adds a few minutes to your stroll.
  2. Don’t be shy. Introduce your self, tell the instructor what they need to know to make your day the best ever!
  3. Laugh and stay positive, remember this is fun!
  4. I’ll start your lesson now… bend your knees.