Race Team / Devo Team

Congratulations to the Dodge Ridge Race Team on winning the 2013/14 Silver Cup for the fourth consecutive season.

The Dodge Ridge Race Team continues their winning tradition for the 2013/14 Season, bringing home the USSA Far West Central Series Silver Cup for another year.

Race Team Weekend – October 4 & 5, 2014

Join us for Race Team Weekend for an opportunity to meet the coaches and race team families. We’ll also be offering exclusive Race Team Member discounts in the Dodge Ridge Sport Shop to all 2014/15 members of the Dodge Ridge Race & Devo Teams.
For More information about the Race Team contact:
Sally Harms

 Race Team / Devo Team Handbook & Schedule

((Click Here)) to view and download the 2013/14 Race Team / Devo Team Handbook. ((Click Here)) to view the 2013/14 Race Team Schedule.

Dodge Ridge Race Team

Race Team

  • Includes: Unrestricted 2013/14 Youth Season Pass and all training days.
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Racers train each weekend with the goal of competing against other Central Series Race Teams in their age category, U-8 (7 years old), U-10 (8 – 9 years old), U-12 (10 – 11 years old) and U-14 (12 – 13 years old). Central Series races consist of four, 2-day races and a state wide 4-day championship in late March for U14′s and in early April for U10 & U12′s. Bear Valley hosts a SL race in January; Dodge Ridge a GS race in February; China Peak a SG/GS race in early March and Badger Pass a SL race mid-March. The Championships are held in late March to early April in either Tahoe or Mammoth. Training is held on weekends and holiday periods with a holiday camp between Christmas and New Years. Training every weekend and competition in races is not mandatory but is highly recommended to maximize your child’s racing and team experience. Helmets are mandatory and a USSA/Far West membership license is required to compete in races. Training begins at 9:00am and concludes at 2:30pm with an hour lunch break.

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Dodge Ridge Devo Team

Devo Team

  • Includes: Unrestricted 2013/14 Youth Season Pass and all training days.
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When your child is ready to graduate from our Kids Club program, the Dodge Ridge Development Team is the next step. This program is designed to enhance your child’s inherent love of skiing with season long coaching. The team begins after Christmas and meets weekends and holidays for fun filled days of skiing together. All participants are asked to have accomplished all “red level”/level 5 classes or can pass a skill evaluation which will be held on the first day of training. Training will focus on skill and balance development, exploring new terrain and conditions, introduction to gate training and mountain etiquette. Our goal is to ensure your kids have a great time while developing new skills and a love for the sport. Training every weekend is not mandatory but highly recommended to maximize your child’s team experience. Training begins at 9:00am and concludes at 2:30pm with an hour lunch break. Parents are required to pick their children up for the lunch break. USSA memberships is not required. Helmets required.

The 2013/14 Race Team sign-up day will be on Sunday, October 6th. Be sure to “Like Us” on Facebook to receive breaking news or join our e-newsletter.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact Sally at sharms@dodgeridge.com or Cory at cperry@dodgeridge.com. We welcome all new interested families. Check out below for more information on the Dodge Ridge Race Team.

Photo: Group of 2012/13 Dodge Ridge Racers // Photographer: Sean Waterman // October 7, 2012 DRRT Race Weekend
((CLICK HERE)) to view additional photos from the 2012/13 Dodge Ridge Race Team Weekend.

Highlights from the Dodge Ridge Race Team’s 2012/13 Season

Dodge Ridge Race Team Coaches

Cory Perry

Cory Perry

Dodge Ridge Race Team (DRRT)
Head Coach and a Level 200 coaching certification holder, Cory has been coaching since 1991 when he was the Devo Team coach. He took a 4 year hiatus from coaching when his triplets were born in 2002. He now has 3 kids on the Race Team.

Brent Vaughn

Brent Vaughn

An Ex-DRRT racer and ski patroller, Brent started coaching in 2009 and now has a Level 100 coaching certification and a daughter on the team

Byron Lear

Byron Lear

An Ex-DRRT racer and a coach for the last 2 years with a Level 100 Certification. Byron is a physical therapist at SRMC and has a son on the team.

Jill Lear

Jill Lear

An Ex-DRRT racer, Jill has been a Devo Team coach since last season.

Brian Jarrett

Originally from Australia, Brian is a Ski Instructor and Dodge Ridge ski school supervisor, and was the head of Race Team in 2005. He has a Level 100 coaching certification.

CJ Sorrick

An Ex-DRRT racer, CJ has been a Devo Team coach for 3 years as well as a Ski Tech in the Dodge Ridge Sport Shop.

Sally Harms

Race Admin for the DRRT. Sally was hired in mid-80′s, has had 2 kids on the team, and took a 5 year leave when her grandson was born. She came back to the DRRT as Race Admin in 2008, and has Timing, Calc, and Race Admin certifications.

Dodge Ridge Race Team Philosophy

The Dodge Ridge Race Team focus is to develop our athletes with the intention of building a strong race program. Coaches will train racers to compete successfully on all snow conditions and on all terrain. Our coaching staff believes racers will develop strong racing skills by free skiing, drills; terrain based skiing and gate training. Our goal is to develop athletes with a strong skiing ability, which will be used and enjoyed for a lifetime.


Bobby Rapp Memorial Ski Race Scholarship

As a lifelong skier at Dodge Ridge and an 8-year member of the Dodge Ridge Race Team, Sgt. Rapp was born and raised in Sonora, CA before he was killed serving his country in Afghanistan in 2008. Dodge Ridge is honored to be able to offer this race team scholarship fund made possible by the money he left to support Dodge Ridge ski racing. ((Click Here)) to download and fill out the scholarship appplication.

Try Out Process
Try outs will be held for all teams on the first day of training. During this process, coaches will evaluate the basic skiing skills of the athletes to ensure that they are within the range of the group. If required, changes to the child’s enrollment can be made after this review, options will be discussed with parents on an individual basis.

The most important goal of the Dodge Ridge Race Team Coaches is to help the racers develop socially, mentally and physically. The coaches will take a positive approach and strive to establish an optimum training environment. Training will included a variety of training methods and conditions. Combinations of free skiing, practice drills and gate training will be used by the coaches throughout the season in a way to best suit the development of each team, age group and skill level. Come prepared wearing your uniform, your personal protective equipment, your ski equipment in top condition, and your season pass. Helmets are required.

All prices listed are subject to change without notice