Check out the selection below, and come up to Dodge Ridge during our Labor Day Sale September 4-7, 2015 to get the best deal on a variety of skis.

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Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

PreSeason Sale:

  • Length 155: $480 (Bindings Included)

For intermediate to advanced female skiers looking for a combination of an exciting front side ride with effortless handling, the Chiara is a dream come true. Its lightweight construction gives the skier both lighter weight and a flatter stance than past models. The most exciting women’s game improvement ski on the market.

Ski Category: Women's Frontside
Sidecut: 123/77/97
Awards Won:

Code UVO

Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

PreSeason Sale:

  • Length 168: $630 (Bindings Included)
  • Length 182: $630 (Bindings Included)

The Code Uvo’s unique setup allows us to create a very light weight frontside ski with the smoothness and stability of a titanal construction. Its Xmotion system offers exceptional power transmission. Advanced, expert 80% groomed, 20% powder CORE Full Sensor Woodcore.


Ski Category: Men's Frontside
Sidecut: 122-76-104
Awards Won:


Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

PreSeason Sale:

  • Length 178: $550 (Bindings Included)
  • Length 186: $550 (Bindings Included)

The most versatile big mountain ski on the market, the Gotama maxes out both powder and groomed snow performance thanks to ELP full rocker design. This is a perennial go to model with a hot new graphic.

Ski Category: Men's Powder
Sidecut: 139-107-123
Awards Won:


2014 Volkl Kendo

PreSeason Sale:

  • Length 170: $470 (Bindings Included)

The new Kendo has re-set the bar a notch higher for all mountain freeriding, with a126-89-110 shape and the addition of tip rocker. With easy handling on the groomers PLUS excellent soft snow performance, the Kendo takes any skier from the bowls to the frontside and back with aplomb. Back for 13/14 season with a graphic update.

Ski Category: Men's Freeskiing
Sidecut: 126-89-110
Awards Won:


Dodge Ridge Ski Resort

PreSeason Sale:

  • Length 163: $520 (Bindings Included)

One of the most popular women’s skis in America, the Kenja features tip rocker and a Bio-Logic shape of 127-87-106. For advanced to expert skiers looking for the ultimate frontside/backside versatility, the Kenja’s massive bandwidth provides unparalleled performance in a variety of snow conditions.

Ski Category: Women's All Mountain
Sidecut: 127-87-106
Awards Won:


  • Length 193: $430 (Ski Only)
  • Length 203: $430 (Ski Only)

An undisputed highlight in Völkl’s long history of building big mountain powder skis that match incredible float with uncanny groomed snow performance, the Shiro has a shape of 151-119-135mm. Its Extended Low Profile rocker features a long, gradual bend with a high tip and tail profile for maximum float. The flex and sidecut are matched to the rocker profile.

Ski Category: Men's Powder
Sidecut: 151-119-135
Awards Won:


Volkl Yumi 2014
  • Length 154: $360 (Ski Only)

Adding to an already impressive stable of women’s freeskiing skis, Völkl introduces the Yumi, an all mountain freeride ski with a shape of 125-83-103. For female skiers who want to tackle the front and back side of the mountain on a light weight, yet stable ski that can handle anything – from bumps, to trees, to hard pack – the Yumi is an impressive new ride.

Ski Category: Women's Freeskiing
Sidecut: 125-83-103
Awards Won: