Positions Available

Dodge Ridge is always adding to our team. Take a look at available positions and apply online.
You can also see a few of our more popular positions available on Facebook.

Holidays and weekends are our busiest times of the season. We expect our employees to be available to work during those times. We do, however, experience slower periods in which it would be a great time to take time off and especially enjoy your pass!
Dodge Ridge has a zero tolerance policy regarding substance abuse and has pre-employment drug screening practices for all candidates considered for employment. These practices are designed to avoid the hiring of individuals whose use of drugs indicates a potential for impaired or unsafe job performance. These tests, which may include blood tests, urinalyses, or other drug tests, will be conducted by a professional medical staff and laboratory. Dodge Ridge reserves the right to reject any candidate who refuses to submit to screening or tests positive.

Dodge Ridge does not provide employee housing at this time. There are, however, plenty of available housing options in the area. Please contact Human Resources at HR@DodgeRidge.com for recommendations on where to look.

As a benefit to our employees, on days when they are scheduled to work, Dodge Ridge is partnering with the Tuolumne County Transit SkiBUS to provide free employee transportation. During the season the SkiBUS runs most weekends, holidays and Christmas break. Visit the SkiBUS website for more details as we get closer to the season.

As an employee of Dodge Ridge your appearance reflects on our entire team. Creating thoughtful and meaningful interactions is what we are all about which is why it is important for our staff to have a clean and neat appearance. We want our guests to be able to easily identify you as Dodge Ridge employees.

  • Dodge Ridge maintains the right to prescribe hairstyles and body art that are appropriate while on duty and those that are not appropriate, and reserves the right to change or modify this policy at anytime.
  • Some General Guidelines Follow:
    1. Hair must be kept neat and clean at all times. It must be of a natural color, out of the face and must not stand out more than 3 inches from the head. Extreme hair styles are not permitted
    2. If hair exceeds collar length, it must be pulled back in a ponytail or tucked up under a company-approved hat when working around equipment/machinery or food. Male employee’s hair that exceeds collar length must always be pulled back.
    3. Mustaches, beards and goatees are to be kept very short and neatly trimmed close to the face; otherwise men are to be clean-shaven.
    4. Effective personal hygiene (for example, control of body odors, clean hands, fingernails and the like) should be practiced daily.
    5. Employees are allowed to display a discreet nose stud or nose screw, retainer or tongue cap. Other visible forms of body piercing are not permitted in any size. Jewelry must be in good taste and not excessive. Employees may wear earrings, however only studs and small hoops or dangles no larger than a quarter in size are permitted for safety reasons. Female employees may wear no more than three and male employees no more than one earring(s) per ear. Earlobe plugs must be discrete and may require approval.
    6. Employees may be asked to cover up any visible tattoo while working.
    7. Only moderate and natural looking cosmetics are permitted

A pay period consists of two consecutive workweeks. A work week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Employees are paid every other Friday for work performed during the previous pay period.

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